My Final Blog for Principles and Methods of Assessment

So, finally, I am now writing my last blog entry for EDUC 113. This only means I successfully have submitted all my other requirements for this course. Like every ending, it leaves me an emotional feeling. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with all my work and I am happy with all the learning I have acquired although it just only made me enlightened that I still have a lot to learn. That is what education is all about after all…. Never-ending learning.


Truly, education is evidently the most important thing any person could acquire as it can be a great weapon to battle this world. Any person deserves not just a good education but a quality education. During and after taking this course, I have realized that Assessment is one of the effective keys in assuring a quality education. There are various ways or mode of teaching but assessment is the most general method that any educator could use.



What am I taking home from this course?

Well, I have mentioned it many times. I never realized how significant an assessment was in learning and teaching until I took this course. I thought assessing was merely giving tests, that’s all. But now, I am enlightened and even equipped! I now know that Assessment plays a vital role in the learning of a student. It is a main factor in keeping a good of education by monitoring the progress of the learners; it identifies the needs to improve the performance of the students.

This course did not only make me knowledgeable, but also ready and equipped. I will surely use all the learning on my journey as a future public school teacher.



How have my views changed?

If before, assessment to me should only be given at the end of every term, now, I have become aware. Assessment should occur every time the students need feedback that they can use to improve, to adjust and to become better learners. Assessment helps in giving track to the process and efficiency of the curriculum development. It gives clear directions and organizes the educational system on what is essential for the learners, the value and be able to achieve the effectiveness of a quality education and the desired level of competence.


Have I been moved into action?

It is never going to be easy. To be a teacher is to play a lot of big roles in the lives of the people, the community and the nation. There are so many little and big tasks to embrace. However, the moment I have decided to be a teacher, I have been ready that everything will be difficult… But everything will be fulfilling when done right. As an educator / facilitator, it can be crucial and detailed but the prize of giving all the learners the equal benefit to assess the individual performances to guarantee a quality education for all is worth it.


Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Teacher Malou for being so helpful in all aspect of this course. Thanks to EDUC 113. This will be the beginning of my journey as an effective teacher.




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