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Module 4: Formal / Informal / Summative / Formative

If  only I was aware about Formal, Informal, Summative and Formative Assessment when I was still a student, I guess I would have had better learning experiences. I was not aware about all these because they were not practiced and not even taught to us.

Why did I say I would have had better learning experiences?

Because as far as I remember, I was only assessed in a Formal and Summative way, during most of my student years.

I was assessed in a Formal way since my teachers used to record all the scores of my exams and all performances, and those data were used for their computation for my final grades. Although in formal assessment, I already knew beforehand what exactly to study for my exam, it still did not make me too happy since my final grades were really final. No way to change them nor make some more improvements.

Formative assessment also did not make me adventurous with my studies. I mean, I was not encouraged to experiment with my ideas since there are concrete lesson and specific answers to given exercises.

I did not even know that Informal and Formative Assessments exist. Although there were times that some of my teachers gave me opportunity to have high involvement with every lesson, it was very rare.

Had I been aware, I guess I could have been more active and not just grade-conscious. I could have enjoyed every phase of the studies since I would have been given the chance to improve every now and then. It would be good if progress was always monitored and traced after every actual work. As a student, one would be keen to know what is happening by getting feedback about his or her performance and work. Through these, chances are given in order to progress as a learner and to enjoy while learning as well.


As a future teacher, I will make sure that all types of assessments will be practiced by me to all of my learners.

All four- formal, informal, summative and formative are useful in promoting progressive teaching and learning.

Formal and summative would help me as a teacher to gather data needed using my prepared activities in order to determine if my students are learning and are on track with the lesson taught.

Informal and formative, when practiced, would even help me create a healthy teacher-student relationship. This way, I get to involve my students, make them interested to learn while they do not feel pressure and anxiety because I will make sure they will enjoy the activities, which are more casual – less formal, that will be given to them. Students get updates about how they are doing with in the class. I will make sure that my students’ voices will be heard, positively.

All assessments are equally significant and must be practiced to improve teaching and learning.